Instructor Accreditation

Instructor Accreditation

ALLMI training accreditation is sought by instructors who wish to deliver ALLMI lorry loader training.

With regard to the benefits of ALLMI accreditation, they key points are as follows:

  • ALLMI training is the UK’s only lorry loader training scheme to have been awarded the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) ‘Working in Partnership’ logo and commendation. In addition to the HSE’s commendation, ALLMI also had an affiliation agreement with CPCS
  • Via the ALLMI Instructor Information Lines, ALLMI accredited instructors have direct access to each of the following manufactures – Palfingers, Terex-Atles, Hiab, HMF and Fassi.
  • ALLMI has recently held its first ever Product Update event for accredited instructors. This included presentations from representatives of the leading loader crane manufacturers, in addition to a practical session on the latest loader cranes to hit the market. It is the intention to run the Product Update event on a regular basis.
  • ALLMI provides all of its accredited instructors with the ALLMI Instructor’s Manual, which contains the course content to be follows and the assessment to be issued when delivering operator training.
  • Instructors are also issued with the ALLMI Operator Course Presentation, which contains 84 PowerPoint slides designed to assist instructors in delivering the theory side of the course. Instructors also have access to other training aids, such as flip charts and training videos.
  • All instructors are promoted through the ALLMI website, which includes listing of their company contact details are also a link to their website. In addition, all instructors have access to the secure, password propertied ‘Instructor Area’ of the ALLMI website, which includes an invaluable download area. The download area includes copies of regulartions and standard relating to lorry loaders, as well as an Accident Library for instructors to utilise.
  • ALLMI has launched its own Slinger/Signaller course, which is available for accredited instructors to deliver.
  • ALLMI provides all accredited instructors with ALLMI training mailshot leaflets, which not only provide potentials customers with all of the necessary information on ALLMI operator training, but also include a space for instructors to stamp their company contact details and so can be used as an invaluable sales tool.

In order to become accredited, Instructors must first successfully complete the ALLMI Instructor course.

In order to deliver the ALLMI Operator course, Instructors must purchase the ALLMI Operator’s manuals from ALLMI. Every ALLMI trained operator must be issued with an Operator’s manual. The cost of the manual also includes the production of the operator’s certificate and identity card, and their registration on the ALLMI Operator Database. At the end of each operator training course, the instructor sends to ALLMI a Training Assessment Reports (this is taken from the ALLMI Operator’s manual), and the assessment paperwork. ALLMI then issues the certificates and identity cards to the instructor, which are then passed onto the candidate.

Every accredited instructor is audited on an annual basis. This is part of ALLMI’s ongoing process to ensure all instructors deliver training to the highest standard. The course is audited from start to completion against the standard set out within the Instructor’s manual. Accreditation and registration can be removed in standards are not upheld.